The Mar Menor beaches


The Mar Menor is surrounded by beaches


The Mar Menor is surrounded by beaches (or "Playa" in Spanish). There are 42 kilometers (26 miles) of beaches around the clean, crystal clear waters of the Mar Menor, with a maximum depth of seven meters and is warm all year round, even in winter.

There are three beach areas, each with their own characters. First the Mar Menor beaches, sand and flows into the calm, very warm Mar Menor lagoon. Second, the Mediterranean on the "east coast" of the region, weather, sandy beaches leading to the open sea. Third is the "southern" coast. The landscape is different, still sandy, but many are protected by the rocks around it.



Two seas on one coastline - the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean, impressive cliffs, heavenly beaches of endless white sand, lively ports and bays wanted with crystal clear water, more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and mild temperatures - even in winter - with an annual average of more than 18 º C. This is the Costa Calida, the ideal place to spend a few relaxing days in both winter and summer to spend.

From the fishing town of Aguilas to the white dunes of the beach of El Mojon in San Pedro del Pinatar, stretch kilometer after kilometer of beaches and deserted coves awaiting the arrival of the bather, the sailor, the diver or fisherman . There are beautiful picturesque fishing villages such as La Azohia or Cabo de Palos, where you can lose yourself for a few days, harbors, like those in Mazarron where you can create a lively evening to spend and enjoy its magnificent gastronomy after a day on the beach; heavenly areas of natural beauty, unique in the entire Mediterranean Sea, on the beaches of Calblanque and Calnegre ... and one of the most tourist complexes as in the Mediterranean: La Manga del Mar Menor, a paradise between two seas with infinite beaches, sandy seabed and crystal clear waters, and endowed with an excellent hotel infrastructure.




Lovers of water sports will find one of the best places in the world for practicing sailing, canoeing, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, catamaran tion, kite surfing and any other form of water sport activities in the many clubs, marinas and sailing schools. The Nautical Resort on the Mar Menor and similar consortiums in Mazarron and Aguilas offer the chance to rent equipment, book sailing courses and reserve accommodation at very attractive prices.



Mar Menor region


Large pond, Small sea, throughout history, the so-called Mar Menor had different names, all together in the description of a phenomenon that nature designed as a great coastal lake (originally, an open bay) of 170 km2 of warm saltwater.


Since remote times, the richness of its water, the kindness of the climate and the beauty of the area as a whole attracted many people. The Iberians and Phoenicians and later the Arabs have a role in the history of the Mar Menor. In the Islamic period became known as the Mar Chico, and the place known today as Los Alcazares (from the Arabic 'Al-Ksar', literally translated as "city") was chosen for their recreational houses. The continuous skirmishes with pirates from Algeria led to the need to construct watchtowers, some of which are preserved today, like those of El Rame or Rami. Until the 18th century the area was occupied only by inhabitants dedicated to fishing and the exploitation of the salt flats. From the 19th century, these centers gradually centers for recreation and relaxation for the inhabitants of La Huerta, who established their summer residence next to the coast, attracted mainly by the curative properties of the brackish water. Even today, the Mar Menor remains faithful to the concept of 'residential area' characterized by peace and quiet.