Mar de Cristal (UK)

The property is located in Mar de Cristal. On the beautiful sandy beaches of Mar de Cristal (only 5 minutes walk from the house), proclaimed by the European Union as "Blue Flag beach", belonging to the best beaches in Europe, year-round good place. Stroll along the beautiful promenade, a rest in cozy bars and enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine in the restaurants. A stone's throw away from our bungalow rent a tennis court, take a sailing lesson or rent a pedal boat or canoe.
Adjacent to area of Mar de Cristal is the nature Calblanque, with spectacular unspoiled mountains, pristine beaches, breathtaking views and beautiful flora and fauna. Here you can spend hours hiking, bird and dolphin watching, mountain biking, rock climbing, (kite) surfing, or some of the intimate coves where you can discover the rich for you have only. Discover the most beautiful beaches on one of the small walking and bike paths. Just minutes from the village is one of Europe's largest and most beautiful golf courses and a beautiful spa and wellness center with swimming pools, saunas, whirlpool and steam rooms and a fitness center with fantastic panoramic sea views.
In the environment there are two major metropolitan areas. At ± 20 minutes drive from the house Cartagena and ± 50 minutes, the provincial capital of Murcia.
The historic Roman port city of Cartagena has the largest natural harbor in Spain. Include an amphitheater, city wall and cathedral from the Roman period have been preserved. The Carta Genes are very proud of their beautiful city and celebrate gladly and often feast. As in the last two weeks of September, when the city is transformed into the ancient Roman city of Carthage and Carthaginians in thousands of beautiful roman clothing every night parades through the city. Some of its buildings have survived hundreds or even thousands of years. They testify to the deep roots of the Roman and Carthaginian influences on the environment. The Roman amphitheater is one such site. The ancient ruins buried until they were rediscovered in the 1980s. Archaeological excavation has since restored some of its original magnificence and uncovered hundreds of artifacts.
The capital of Murcia, the "Madrid of the south 'and has very beautiful architecture. Both cities have nice shopping, restaurants and tapas bars. From the nearby village of Los Nietos, there is a train service to Cartagena.
There is no shortage of recreational activities for visitors to participate when they visit Mar de Cristal. Surfing, sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing, diving and snorkeling are among the most popular. Rentals and lessons are available in various locations around the coast. For those who prefer instead to look, both amateur and professional athletes train regularly in the area.

Cycling is also an excellent way to combine fitness with physical sight-seeing. You can cycle along the entire coast of the Mar Menor. The region is full of paths, but cyclists can also stick to main roads and still overlooking the beautiful coastline. Quads and bikes can be rented at locations around the Mar Menor area.

So many tourists have fallen in love with the region that the development in the Mar de Cristal area is booming. People are building summer homes in the area since the days of the ancient Romans. This fact attests to the popularity of the area. Today, visitors have a variety of styles and options to choose from. Rentals can be arranged with private owners or booking via travel agents or the local resorts.

Many opt for both Spaniards and foreigners buying property in Mar de Cristal. Homes in the area are still relatively affordable compared to heavier traveled areas of Spain. Whether tourists are visited twice or once a year or for a stay in summer, Mar de Cristal is a paradise for relaxation and fun.